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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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Role of genes

Sometimes we accept positive qualities which are shown by our children as a reality, and we see any no reason especially to rejoice and admire them.But the pleasure, expression of positive emotions, deep, in all completeness approval is the best incentive of development of new high qualities.Role of genes in destiny of the child We often say that apple from an appletree nearby pzdat.Actually, the child can be similar to Parents.Their genetic parameters, external data, Plywood of behavior and a trait of character, certainly, can Be shown in it.

If the bite

Watch that the chin freely lay on hands re benka, was not involved back or too drowned down.Such the pose will relieve the child of muscular tension in a neck and persons.To say sounds t t t t at the beginning it is necessary with closed with closed, but not squeezed in shape pra vilny bite teeth.If the bite at the child is broken, teeth it has to have the friend over the friend to put whenever possible top cutters on the lower.The child's face has to be as much as possible motionless, on to last resort, watch that there was no excess mimicry you puchenny eyes, affected smile, etc.

You could

You were confused with that the father mentioned, as it will be cold on the street.You could not accept re sheniye.In her eyes simplification.She again nods a goal howl and wipes tears.Mother.You felt that you have not enough to vra pass to make the decision.Daniel.Yes.Here I embraced her.She jumped off from a bed and on went to play.It is also very useful to let to children know that they can have two absolutely different feelings one temporarily.

In the extreme

In the extreme case it is possible to use own finger of the child only file to it a nail a nail file that it did not scratch language.Child has to is long to say a verkhneyazychny sound z and at this time to move a language tip to a forward surface of alveoluses, yet not the fricative sound will be heard r see a way II.So far child it is long says a fricative sound r, you have to enter to it under language a probe that is the subject replacing it and, touching with this subject to the lower surface of language of the child somewhere in the middle between a bridle language and its tip to make the fast movements from right to left and from left to right the movements have to be quite wide from one side edge of language to another, causing this fluctuation of language child.

' If at present

You would lose a thread of conversation and a pra kratit attempts to share even if and could continue conversation.If it is really necessary for you at this moment chtoto to make, try kaknibud to involve in this business of the child see.Talk aside and to concentrate on his words.' If at present you cannot listen to him in any way, and tell: I so am tired/hurry that hardly I will be able you now to a vysl to shat, but I very much want.Let's chat before going to bed, kog yes it will be simpler to me to listen?

If the child

Considerable the distance floated by the child on a back strengthens belief in the forces are also increased by interest in occupations.However it is not necessary to be fond of swimming by means of movements of feet.If the child by means of movements of feet holds a body in a horizontal the number situation also moves ahead seconds, without spending from excess efforts, it is necessary to pass to studying of technology of the movements of hands.Until the technology of the movements of hands and breath are not mastered, to swimming by means of movements by one feet should belong very much carefully.

If it is clear

Children of active type get out of the control of parents if concerning them there is no certain system, a certain plan of action.That is it, it is possible to tell, army type From the very beginning these children need to know the plan of action.If it is clear to them if neobkhodikmy preparation is carried out, they are very sympathetic and ready to sotrudknichat.Therefore it is always very important to specify terms, conditions and other details of that we will do now.

Child this

The fact that it is necessary to live with is difficult are unfamiliar mi people.All their habits other, their expectations others, their understanding of the child is limited, they on to another smell, and children feel with them not as with that who left.It is necessary to recognize that all this is of huge importance and huge influence, in particular on kids.Child this replacement very much often revolts, and the first days in a foster home are very difficult.They are often full of envy and rivalries.


It is possible to overcome these obstacles, having paid attention of time to twisting of spatial representations, thereby helping to their natural formation.Let's understand, as they are formed.Development of spatial representations begins in the early childhood, they develop gradually, prokhoa dya some stages._ When your kid just lasts to pogrea to front sight, at it representation about soba starts being formed stvenny body and about an arrangement of external objects on otnoa to sheniye to it.

In some

In others raise wages to keep to constants staff which works with children.Many centers find time for adjustment of communications with parents and help children to get used gradually to that they are looked after by someone another.In a separate day nursery initially allocate for the child the personal tutor who comes into contact with the child and tsomogat to it to feel safe.In some centers offer better food and quieter, silent situation.And somewhere even actively try to dissuade parents to use their services until children are two years old.

It is history, very

Here it is necessary to worry.Negative emotions often are manifestation of deep memory, deep, incomprehensible, not clear to anybody from nowadays well and attendees near the child.It can be manifestation of the impressions brought from antecedents, connected with heavy sufferings, experiences of which the child is cleared in this concrete situation.It is history, very recent history, so to say, of this specific living being or the personality.And, eventually, having been alone in the room, the child feels that that was in him that forced it to behave, be angry, cry so, left, and there was a most important support, understanding, love of parents.

Yes, all this

I think that our subsequent conversations will be able to open the answer to this question more stoutly.Continuation of a question: Thanks.Yes, all this truth.And I perfectly understand, but after all to the director at school about it will not talk.Answer: Really, about what to talk?Besides, I have to ask you about a certain patience.Whether it is necessary to speak?I would just like about it in detail, quietly and deeply to tell in the subsequent lectures.But I will tell only that one of the main methods of a positive roditelstvo and protection of the children is protection them from dangerous, so to say, schoolmates and dull teachers.

It is a lot of sticks

Leave, Semyon, from a garden!At the same time to wave brushes of both hands in the direction from itself.SUN I draw a yellow circle To draw with the right forefinger in air a circle.It is a lot of sticks around.To show forefingers.This sun shines The fingertype game Sun see fig..House The fingertype game Roof see fig..And our garden warms Both hands to execute the fingertype game Tree see fig..WATERMELON Look, the ball grew!

And after

But often parents for a reason that the child has to be ready to severe Reality of life, do not interfere with it to perceive some severe realities.And after all the abovementioned osobenknost of mentality, inability to abstract from concrete this situation and not to allow to Extend by power of reason to it on other spheres of the life forces the child on special to perceive that °n sees.For example, on the screen some awful because the TV threshes news which the child watches simply within twelve hours in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.


Repeated check has to be made not only by comparison of lengths, but also by means of numbers; Give me, please, the following previous bar!; to count only red or blue pieces of a bar; to call numbers, beginning from the biggest and finishing the smallest; to add bars to .Preparation for addition; after figures from rough paper are entered, it is necessary to use numerical plates; bars lie in the correct order on a carpet.The child orders numerical plates, having them near corresponding bars; numerical plates lie in a row one after another, bars randomly.

In this

They in turn are result of three types of the problems arising in this world.I will remind, the first look is when our own desires are not harmonious with the principles of a prirokda, with the principles of the highest forces, conditions in which we live.In this case we receive problems and sufferings which the Veda are called adkhidayvikaa flare.For example, we planned to go on picnic or to go with friends to play badminton, and suddenly we go outside and we see that the strong cold wind blows, pours a rain, and we become despondent, understanding that the day off is spoiled, what is the desire is not met, even we can tell some unflattering words to the nature or weather.

To play it is excellent, to fight

Everything that is used as real the weapon the toy gun with which beat the brother or sest ru, or a ball which is thrown in the head to the friend, it is necessary not medical lenno to select.To play it is excellent, to fight no, see Effek tivny discipline.Testosterone level at boys reaches peak on the different development stages one of these stages is the share of age about four years, but violence to which are exposed mal chik, probably, has a great influence on, whether remains this level the high.

It is important

Parents can teach children to respect representatives about tivopolozhny and floor.The father who shows an uv the zheniye to mother, thus teaches the child to respect to wives to tires in general, and vice versa.It is important because helps not only to reduce effect of tender rivalry, but also on to that children thanks to it turn in healthy, schast left adults.Parental reactions Suzy Orbakh, psychotherapist Many modern disputes in the field of genetics it is simple way not to take the responsibility.

Unless it will

It will be here soon, she will sleep where you slept, and we will be one big happy family.Unless it will not be a zamecha telno?!To accept the new and unwanted family member can be very much it is heavy.If you abuse the child for his offense on new ugly faces day, it will not clean its feeling, and on the contrary, will add oils in fire.Instead put an end to any behavior, a cat swarm ~ can do harm to the newborn, do not stint a pokhv ly to the child for good behavior see.How to stimulate ho roshy behavior also show it that you understand, how it feels see.

Support I surround

Perhaps, goraz to more women will nurse children if learn, that in such feelings there is nothing unusual.There are many useful tips, which often vpol there is not enough to turn feeding by a breast in pleasant, joyful occupation for mother and the baby.Support I surround shchy also plays the huge role women, whose to the parena ry approve feeding by a breast, feed children times more often breast, than what partners of it do not approve.The facts about feeding by a breast In Great Britain number of the women nursing on sedately grows and today makes about % after the birth % in and % at the age of nine me syaets % in .

After that

After that as teeth will grow, the pronunciation of temporary sounds is necessary will be to specify.Temporary options of a pronunciation: for the whistling sounds more or less accurate whistling sounds, which need to be put at the top provision of language; for the hissing more or less exact hissing sounds, proiz rushing more deeply, than usually language touches to back on verkhnost of alveoluses; for r the oneshock sound r which is said in the same place where and the hissing; for lip and tooth sounds lip analogs of sounds f and in when the air stream passes between the pulled together lips; a standard pronunciation of zadneyazychny sounds and, l and t' d' in the absence of a large number of teeth it is possible for the child on to put.

You will

To develop ability to perception and the analysis of sequence acoustical objects.To develop ability to perception and the analysis of the spatial relations.You will need to restore at the child the broken abilities in that the volume in which they are broken.Namely, carefully to fulfill with the child those types of exercises with which he did not cope in time inspections.Correction of speech hearing How to correct speech hearing of the child see page Development of ability to perception and to the initial analysis of units of the speech / You say that short offers, casual sets words.

It is more

It is more convenient to them talk as if by the way to be engaged chemto in common, feeling itself comfortably with each other at the time of conversation, instead of that that to sit down and speak see.Communication and Work with feelings.Our hopes and expectations, which we are significantly important we connect with children, and images which we give them it is impossible to expect that your son will be emotionally open, if you consider that big boys do not cry and that stoicism it is unconditional virtue.

Watch that

You silently show to the child, what in a way it is necessary to change a shape of lips, and it repeats it after you.Sound with' will sound more firmly.Watch that the child, rounding lips, did not open shiat the same time fate of a mouth, as a last resort it can allow to put the top cutters on the lower.the Child has to watch for getting on a palm a cart all the time stuffy stream.Give it such instruction: You have to on .._., _, warmer, and at the end you will have to make it is hotter.

And, nevertheless, experience

Aerobatics, the highest manifestation of success of a voskpitaniye consists not in subordinating the child what that to strict rules, and in that to mature age that learned to feel well a difference meanwhile that is dangerous to it, and that is favorable.And, nevertheless, experience of parents is always important.Even if the child thanks to the correct relation of parents is rather reasonable, support in situations in which deeper experience, than its own is necessary is necessary for it.

Simply we do not want

But it is worth remembering that I felt when such occurred in my family.Our children do not differ from us in the childhood.Simply we do not want to remember this awful and heartrending experience.Than it is more awful, especially our mentality is inclined to forget it.It is impossible to transfer to the child negative emotions in relation to the former spouse Thus, one of the most important principles of preservation of the relations between the child and parents divorced not to transfer to it negative emotions in relation to the former spouse.


To read the poem and to walk index and average fingers through them at first forward, and then in the opposite direction.Through to step through a stick a forefinger Pas to step through a stick a middle finger lochka forefinger walk middle finger And forefinger on them middle finger not on forefinger go.Middle finger.And to walk in the opposite direction a forefinger now middle finger walk forefinger back middle finger And forefinger it is a lot of middle finger time forefinger In a row.

Game and training

We can increase pleasure from inquiries by means of games and stories see.Stories and games for reflections and to show value of that they learned, objyas ny as to apply this knowledge in world around.Game and training We also should recognize that our effect are had much more a greater influence on the relation of our children to study, than our words.If we are open, inspired and konstruk tivno we treat our own ability to study and re to shat problems, there are chances that our children too will be such.

All acting

And what it is better for the child that the parent chose a way of the slave, a slider or stayed at home with it?The woman who asks difficult questions Scene of action big national conference of female lawyers in Sydney, Australia.A subject very popular combination of career and education of children.All acting are uniform: To overcome discrimination, it is necessary to make a lot of things.It is very difficult to be the professional at work and mother of the house at the same time.

This method

Some parents suggest children to represent emotions on paper.This method can be very effective and pozvo to express litas even negative emotions without manifestation agres these.Besides, it is suitable and for expression less inten sivny feelings, such as grief, melancholy.It is applicable and after how feelings settled already a little.The few children in time ashes of personal tragedy will normally react to the offer parent it seems: And why don't you draw that you chuv you stvut, darling?

During this

Work comes to the end with that letters clean back on the places.During this work happens it is useful to use a cover from a box.So there is an opportunity to continue the begun work the next day.Control over mistakes: control over mistakes is not required, as this exercise not on spelling, and on representation of sounds letters.As only the sound, but not a letter is heard, capital letters are not necessary here.Further exercises: repetition of the previous exercise with other subjects or pictures; to be given by letters independently chosen floor.

To knock

.Asterisks to spread wide fingers of hands, Small lamps to collect fingers of each hand shchepotyyu fig., Gold balls.To represent a ball fig..Fig.Firtree Fig.Small lamps Fig.Ball NEW YEAR New year, New year!To part hands in the parties.It is knocked at gate.To knock on a table with bones of fingers.With a sledge to put on a table of a palm closely to each other, Skates to put a palm on an edge, With snowmen.

Often these

Lips can be in the asymmetric

Ways of statement II, III, VII.The tip of language leans against teeth, and forward part of a back language it is densely closed with alveoluses, air flows round the arisen barrier from one of sides, the squelching is as a result heard noise.Lips can be in the asymmetric family way.Ways statements III, VII.The tip of language leans against teeth not on the center, and a little at the left or on the right, air flows round a barrier from one of sides.Whistle is heard equal, but rough, with the hissing shade.

It is possible

Carol Ann Halle, inspector of health care and teacher of clinical practice Congenital fear?Peter Wilson, children's psychotherapist, director of the charitable organization It seems to me that since the birth all without exception children are afraid to be neutral.It is possible to give to this phenomenon of times ny names, but an essence that in them sits the fear of that them will not feed and preserve.Then they have a fear that go that do not love them that their needs for care, fun, at vyazannost, to tenderness and protection will not be satisfied that they will be thrown, pushed away, cease to be sponsored, notice, recognize, to feed.

But suddenly

All inhabitants of a kingdom loved Maya for cheerful and sweet temper.But suddenly the trouble befell.The Maya became sad, her laughter it was distributed more and more seldom, and then it in general ceased you to go from the bedroom.The court doctor wrote out it herbs from melancholy, but it did not help.The Maya lay in a bed, with anybody not talked, and often in the face of it there were tears.The tsar with the queen outright a feather were frightened and sent for best le karyam from all kingdom.

Not direct

Applying a way of an artificial respiration from a mouth in a nose, the rescuer closes to the victim of companies and blows to him air through a nose.Both ways are equivalent.The artificial respiration is recommended to alternate with indirect the mass Sozh hearts which is carried out at the time of a passive exhalation.Not direct massage facilitates an exhalation and masses a cardiac muscle.Mechanism performance of indirect massage of heart such: during a passive vydo ha the rescuer who was injured hands are imposed on a chest bone above an awned shoot on cm so that the palm lay on to the back party of other hand, and, being kneeling at the left or to the right of the victim, beatings of the pulse press on a chest bone in beat about one movement in one second.

+ Count, how many

+ Children of letters E and Yo are not similar on mother: e, yo.+ Lead round letters in the red color.+ Find in the newspaper of letters E and letters e.+ Esteem.+ Reprint also.Read.+ Close eyes.Listen and print: and, at, sh, to, e, river.+ Count, how many letters?Print out one more.How many became?+ Esteem.+ Popechatay of figure.+ Continue offers, which begin equally.+ Find the offer in the book.

Ya. It seems

Often you in only

Surprised you how easily you understood opinion of yours parents about you?Sometimes it is enough of only several words, look, intonation to tell the person, which it slow and silly, bore or, in essence, attractive and capable person.Often you in only a few seconds can understand that ro ditel think of you.If you increase these seconds at o'clock of daily communication of parents with children, you realize as considerably children are influenced by the parent sky opinion on them.Not only their feelings in itself influence, but also their behavior.

In other

The few suggested to think of children.Then, in the late eighties, the first uneasy reports began to appear .The children examined aged from till years who spent many hours in a day nursery from the earliest age, showed the increased level of aggression and disobedience.In other words, they fought with other children and adults and did not do that spoke to them.It was reported also about one negative factor: weak communication between the parent and the child, in particular in those families where from the very beginning there was no strong attachment of parents to children.


It is possible to try to explain to the child in clear to him slo Vakh that it is possible to react to a situation troyako: Aggressively.Aggressive people consider that their consumer nose ti it is more important, than needs of the others.They do everything, that on to luchit that want.Are pushed.Are enough.Speak uzhasnye That the child grew the happy things.As a result they will receive that want, but to the majority people it is not pleasant as they thus behave.

When you carried

When you carried out this exercise and parents considered you slow, you felt, how gradually your confidence began to vanish?You tried to collect the most part of a puzzle a samostoyatel but?You felt disappointment of that you not so byst ry, how people around?You spoke to yourself: Why even to try?When in you saw one hindrance, you felt that you should protect somehow yourself, differently you will be pushed away?You felt rejected and won?

Some of the worst

Within such relations with you yours children learn to cope with aggression and restrictions.Vivian Gross, director of clinic of Institute of family therapy Your work as parent includes carrying out borders and performance of actions which are not pleasant to your child.Some of the worst manifestations of the behavior your child intends for you, and quite so and has to be.On it shows to a smaller measure that it is sure of yours of a bezz vetny love.Chapter HOW TO STIMULATE GOOD BEHAVIOUR It is sometimes heavy to parents to believe that children by the nature the are compliant.

Before statement

At the beginning each chapter such way is specified.Before statement of each of sounds examine with in all ways of its formation and not just with what are recommended to you as the most suitable.It is necessary for this purpose, better to understand material.Detailed descriptions of statement of the firm are provided in recommendations breath consonants of sounds for example: j, with, sh, etc..About the iznosheniye of ringing paired consonants , z, etc.

The mirror

Necessary equipment: Mirror.The mirror has to be such that in it the child could to see all the person.In front of the mirror he will master speech dvi zheniye articulation.Some too uneasy children mirror too otvle kat.In this case it is necessary to use it minimum: in order that, for example, to look, where to put language, what to make with lips, etc.After the child mastered a sound articulation, the mirror is necessary to clean as from this point it has to learn to control the pronunciation by means of muscular feelings and aurally.

Here that

When I at last learned to transfer to children from vetstvennost which by right belonged to them, the behavior of everyone improved.Here that helped me: as soon as I felt that I start worrying or to be involved in something, I wondered: At me nya there is a choice here?I have to assume everything?Or I can provide instead responsibility to children?In the following exercise you will see some SI tuation which very often excite parents or involve at the same time.Reading each situation, a spr to shivayta of about the following.

We learn

I really feel that helped to rescue life of Syuzi.We learn to interact Chapter Five skills By this moment your children most likely already sweat to Rila Planina to you some opportunities to use on to practice ability to listen.Children usually loudly and accurately let to us know that disturbs them.I know that at my place every day with children was as evening in teat re.The lost toy, too short hairdress, school report, new jeans, which not really fit well, a fight with the brother or the sister any of these situations could cause enough tears and a feather grow in the threeact drama.

The Veda

They let know that there is an alternative to this bad sumasshedkshy story of the senseless movie.Three categories of people There are three categories of people, three as if large camp.The first is those who purposely choose a way down.This their right.The Veda do not condemn a freedom of choice as that.There is a socalled category innocent, those who simply does not know about this movement, leads usual life, carries out the duties, trying not to lean out, not to philosophize, not to rank strongly itself as some movements, faiths and sects, and it is simple to survive though every day it becomes so more difficult and more difficult to live.

Along language

When the sound with leaves at the child unmistakably, report to it, what sound he utters.WAY III.STATEMENT OF THE SOUND WITH FROM THE INTERDENTAL SOUND WITH If the child says a sound with mezhzubno that is its language about it sovyvatsya between teeth, ask it to say this sound and on look how it it does.Along language of the child there can be fillet, output otver sty which it will be visible to you at survey.On this fillet the air stream has to move.If the child has such pronunciation, to you during the work over sound with it is possible to say aloud it, to call a sound by the name.

If this

It is the extremely important that your expectations corresponded a cart I grow the child.Perhaps, the kid will not be able to think up anything, except the promise that so will not arrive next time.If this its decision, is a huge step forward.Know when to stop Any approach can do harm if you are to use it too often or to use as that poosobenny.You need to be honest in an otnosha scientific research institute of the motivation any discipline has to to help children to study, but not to humiliate them.

The child

Stand nearby and insure the child, support him.On same to depth let the child carries out the swing movements by feet forward, back, to the right, to the left.It is possible to help with performance of this exercise to the child, holding him for both or by one hand.The child carries out exercises from a standing position, hands on a belt.It is necessary to observe sequence of starting positions depending on opportunities and age of your child.Than it mo bed, that more strictly it is necessary to observe to it transition from one initial provisions to another.

Though risk

The lulling signals.Though risk incidentally to press down the baby in a dream practically zero the truth, it significantly increases if ktoto from ro ditel is in a state alcoholic or a narkoticha sky intoxication, the kid easily can overheat, the poet mu be convinced that his clothes and bed linen are enough are easy and will not close to it the head.Perhaps, it is necessary kaknibud to fence a bed that the kid did not slide on a floor.We are put to bed: from the birth to months If to remember, from where the child came to this world from dark, warm, sometimes noisy womb, where all his requirements boa letvoryalis it is instant it will help us to understand better it needs.

When I became

Here that occurred further, it will clear that I mean.When I became single father, I began to notice things which did not notice before.It appeared that Robbie constantly gorges on cookies, therefore I hid a box with cookies and only sometimes a toast its shaft.In day after our last seminar I came home with a box of cookies and put them on a table.I told: Robbie, I am not going to play a role any more the police officer concerning cookies.It edinstven Nye a box of cookies which I buy on this not business.

To kat after

It is possible under to put a palm to a mouth to feel on it an kat after you the following the oorazy: hi ha hi ha as the mouth is slightly opened, instead of hi will leave almost hy.If in a syllable the fullfledged firm sound is heard ha x, pass to syllables with vowels e, oh, at, z.Everything is carried out on to imitation.If the sound x keeps some softness a syllable ha will close sound to h'ya, it is necessary to say syllables hi hi ha ha ha as follows.

If the parent

If the child shows emotions, the careful and feeling pity adult almost at once automatically does that is required to the child.Here we mean emotional requirements, but not physiological to amuse or calm if it is necessary.If the parent or the tutor endures a stress if it is very borrowed, suppressed or indifferent, to the child, perhaps, it is necessary to show extreme emotions excitement, anger to receive the necessary.So the behavior model which will be leading and in adult life can be created.Presently the good child what is constantly quiet often is considered or long sleeps.

She can tell

When his disappointment is accepted, the child starat sya internally to relax.As it is correct to praise It would be good if parents accepted oshib ki the child also perceived them as I train important part shchy process.It is possible even to specify that the mistake was from krytiy.She can tell you something, about what you Nicko the gd was not known earlier: You learned that softboiled egg becomes firm, even if will simply lie down in hot water.Also it would be good if parents accepted own mistakes.

It is the best

Notice a difference in taste fortunately?What, in kitchen and it?It all life will have to disco there to arrange?On an army slang disco is a washing of ware.Even does not come to mother to mind that there can be such taste of happiness to serve one person, to serve the children, to do a cosiness in the house, to impart to children spiritual knowledge, to accept in the house of the sacred.It is the best taste of happiness.But mother speaks: What to spend all the time in kitchen?

We float

But time today all traded places, the Pirate flew up on the pitansky bridge and on tried to understand the card.Now took the Steering wheel place Lifebuoy.He very much tried it is correct to turn the Ship, but at it it badly turned out.Эээ?Left wheel!And теперь?On the left!A bit more to the left, and still to the left, the Pirate ordered, with the head having rolled in the card.We float around, and at me for the head was turned, the Ship complained.Perhaps, it was necessary to turn still to the left?

And it will

Wonder, what your purpose.If to speak about behavior of the child trivialities, napr measures: You are the bad boy he can apprehend it as I bad will also behave respectively.And it will generate it has still the worst opinion on itself.If to continue in same du he, there is a presentiment of that anything good from it it is impossible to wait, why the child loses selfconfidence and not mo zht to justify expectations.Such here vicious circle.Very often we, having become parents, we are surprised to that ve that ourselves as it was done by our parents, or even we catch ourselves on that we tell them words.

Some beginners

Taking a breath, the child in many cases involuntarily involves water through a mouth and a nose.In re to zultata it chokes that involves strong cough, OST novka of breath and stop of movements.Similar failure aggravates sensation of fear before water.Some beginners in such cases lose balance also fall on a bottom.In time support the child, do not give to it to be frightened!You are faced by a task a series consistently the becoming complicated exercises to teach the child to overcome fear before water.

Dvadtsa tiletny

Dvadtsa tiletny research of the American psychologist and author of books Showed John Gottman with the participation of hundred families that children, whose parents give advice of personal character, possess the best zdo rovy, they have less behavioural problems and they more a mustache peshna in study.Help children to identify feelings Bbbbrrrrrrrr!Beat, years, answer to a question of that, as there passed it the first day in kindergarten You need to pay attention to feelings of the child.

We saw that

In the first part we considered sudden growth of quantity of a day nursery for babies and children who only learned to go, in Great Britain and worldwide.We saw that there is a payment for such type of leaving negative consequences in children's intellectual development and in relationship between parents and children.In the subsequent heads we will consider why such occurs.What do the baby or the oneyearold child receive, spending time with parents, and whether other people the paid professional tutors can to provide the child to the same?


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