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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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She can tell

She can tell When his disappointment is accepted, the child starat sya internally to relax.

As it is correct to praise It would be good if parents accepted oshib ki the child also perceived them as I train important part shchy process.

It is possible even to specify that the mistake was from krytiy.

She can tell you something, about what you Nicko the gd was not known earlier: You learned that softboiled egg becomes firm, even if will simply lie down in hot water.

Also it would be good if parents accepted own mistakes.

. . . . . .

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It is the best

It is the best Notice a difference in taste fortunately?

What, in kitchen and it?

It all life will have to disco there to arrange?

On an army slang disco is a washing of ware.

Even does not come to mother to mind that there can be such taste of happiness to serve one person, to serve the children, to do a cosiness in the house, to impart to children spiritual knowledge, to accept in the house of the sacred.

It is the best taste of happiness.

But mother speaks: What to spend all the time in kitchen?

. . . . . .

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We float

We float But time today all traded places, the Pirate flew up on the pitansky bridge and on tried to understand the card.

Now took the Steering wheel place Lifebuoy.

He very much tried it is correct to turn the Ship, but at it it badly turned out.


Left wheel!

And теперь?

On the left!

A bit more to the left, and still to the left, the Pirate ordered, with the head having rolled in the card.

We float around, and at me for the head was turned, the Ship complained.

Perhaps, it was necessary to turn still to the left?

. . . . . .

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And it will

And it will Wonder, what your purpose.

If to speak about behavior of the child trivialities, napr measures: You are the bad boy he can apprehend it as I bad will also behave respectively.

And it will generate it has still the worst opinion on itself.

If to continue in same du he, there is a presentiment of that anything good from it it is impossible to wait, why the child loses selfconfidence and not mo zht to justify expectations.

Such here vicious circle.

Very often we, having become parents, we are surprised to that ve that ourselves as it was done by our parents, or even we catch ourselves on that we tell them words.

. . . . . .

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Some beginners

Some beginners Taking a breath, the child in many cases involuntarily involves water through a mouth and a nose.

In re to zultata it chokes that involves strong cough, OST novka of breath and stop of movements.

Similar failure aggravates sensation of fear before water.

Some beginners in such cases lose balance also fall on a bottom.

In time support the child, do not give to it to be frightened!

You are faced by a task a series consistently the becoming complicated exercises to teach the child to overcome fear before water.

. . . . . .

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Dvadtsa tiletny

Dvadtsa tiletny Dvadtsa tiletny research of the American psychologist and author of books Showed John Gottman with the participation of hundred families that children, whose parents give advice of personal character, possess the best zdo rovy, they have less behavioural problems and they more a mustache peshna in study.

Help children to identify feelings Bbbbrrrrrrrr!

Beat, years, answer to a question of that, as there passed it the first day in kindergarten You need to pay attention to feelings of the child.

. . . . . .

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We saw that

We saw that In the first part we considered sudden growth of quantity of a day nursery for babies and children who only learned to go, in Great Britain and worldwide.

We saw that there is a payment for such type of leaving negative consequences in children's intellectual development and in relationship between parents and children.

In the subsequent heads we will consider why such occurs.

What do the baby or the oneyearold child receive, spending time with parents, and whether other people the paid professional tutors can to provide the child to the same?

. . . . . .

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